Daydreaming of travel.....


view from the Eiffel tower

sweets shop , Paris

Align CenterJust over two years ago , my husband and I moved from Maui Hawaii to Northern California
( why
did we do that ?...... )
and on our way we went to Europe for 2 months, since all our stuff was in storage , visiting France and Italy.
We spent a good part of our time on a couple of farm/homesteads , me doing gardening and my husband doing woodwork , in trade for staying with these very fun , sweet and generous folks , staying in amazing old , ancient really , stone houses and working on our french all the while ... We went through the organization, WWOOF . I also did this kind of traveling 10+ years ago when I went to England for 6 weeks and Ireland for 4 months. I've also traveled to Bali , Thailand, New Zealand , Hawaii many times , Mexico , Guatemala , needless to say , I've got the travel bug pretty bad.. I've been daydreaming of traveling again lately . I would love nothing more than to get on a plane and fly some gorgeous place in the Mediterranean , camera in tow , and just wander . Since we moved here 2 years ago , the farthest I've gone is to San Francisco which is only about an hour away.
Anyway, I was looking through my Europe pictures last night and decided to revive some of them from my archives.so here they are ... we can armchair travel together :)


  1. Very pretty photos. I love traveling as well. It's nice to get away from home once in a while :)

  2. What a wonderful program! Thank you for sharing. I love the soft color palette of your photographs! I just moved to San Jose but can't wait to return to Europe for more traveling. I wish you a trip in the future!

  3. Now I'M daydreaming of traveling! Haha. Such beautiful places, and beautiful photos.

  4. Thank you so much for these gorgeous photos and the program info... my hubby and I live for travel :)

  5. Gorgeous pics...

    I can almost smell that bread, and it is making me hungry :)

  6. Wonderful photos. I love vicarious vacationing, when I can't *actually* get away. So thank you for the whisking!

    WWOOF sounds like a great organization/opportunity. I'm currently researching gigs like that for a big (and slow) trip down the road. I've been looking at work-stay, couch surfing, and other means by which I can travel thriftily but fulfillingly.