California Academy of Sciences, with the Fuji x100s


Nature is so amazing!
The CalAcademy must use use black lights on the sea anemones, they look so psychedelic.
A few years ago I was trying to find a camera a smaller than my D7000, but with great image quality, to bring with me on days where I may be doing alot of walking or traveling. After a ton of research I decided to take a risk and get a Fuji X100S. I had been using almost all Nikon cameras up to that point. So it was a big switch. It has been such a fantastic camera. I brought it with me to the California Academy of Sciences and it didn't disappoint. The Fuji x100s has a 2.0 f-stop but it can be soft for macro at that setting so it's is better at 4.0 for sharp edges, so I was surprised how well the pictures turned out since it was very low light and things were moving all over, either underwater or butterflies that don't stand still.

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