Early Autumn Figs - still life photography

 the skins remind me of a stary night sky....

"The tea kettle whistled, and Melissa poured it over the tea at the bottom of the glass pot. While it steeped, Melissa opened the back door to her favorite sight in her corner of the world—her herb and butterfly garden. Blue and purple lupine, shocking pink four o’clocks, orange poppies, and sunny-yellow damiana greeted her, still shaded by the fig tree on the east side of the garden.”- Leslie Leigh - Murder and Moonflowers



Gorgeous pink peonies!
I've fallen a little behind in updating my blog, these beauties were photographed in May just now getting them posted. I have been unsure about the blog for a while and trying to see if I will keep it going as there are now so many online platforms and social media. I keep coming back to the blog though because I love the format and it's a quieter space than all the other sites that have adds and news and so much chatter.  I had Instagram and after about 8 months deleted it, just not the format for me, had twitter for a couple years, deleted it also not for me. So now I have a facebook, flickr, tumblr and this blog. It still feels like too much so we'll see... I have been enjoying listening to these two guys 'The Minimalists' on their pod casts ( < link to pod cast titled "stuff") and have been paring down alot in my life, already live quit simply and now with alot less clutter. Hope you all are enjoying your summer and a few peonies here to brighten your day :)


Sonoma Coast - waves and wildlife

 dynamic waves, an unusually high surf day

 beautiful raven scaring off a seagull ;)

Another gorgeous day at the beach. We aren't allowed to get too close to these cute seals so I had to zoom in and crop the photo just to see them. Meanwhile a sea lion was honking away across the bay as well and pelicans overhead.


Plum Tree Blossoms - signs of spring

Having grown up and lived most of my life in the pacific northwest, these lovey flowering plum trees still feel like the beginning of spring even while I am here in California and the temperatures can feel like summer on winter days...  I decided to have a closer look than usual and put my macro filters on my 35mm lens to really see the forms of the branches and buds, so fascinating!  


Winter Beach - Sonoma County California

I love the gray misty winter days at the beach here, the rest of the world seems to sort of disappear and it's just this little  world of sea and mist and stone. Of course it can look like this on a summer day here too, and often does, but this time of year there are less crowds, just the hearty folk who brave the cold and drizzly weather ;)