Cats in Greece

  those eyes

 This cute black cat followed me around town for a while, meowing all the way

 waiting for some fish from the boats I imagine ;)

 finding some shade in the fig tree

 love the eyebrow wiskers


 now now kitties...

 really wanted some pets this one!

Seeing cats just about everywhere I went in Greece was definitely a highlight for me, since I was missing my kitty back at home. Some of the cats were super friendly and talkative needing some head scratches and others were just too tired from the hot sun to be bothered.  I always stop to say hi to cats on my walks at home so I enjoyed the frequent encounters.


White on White - Greece travel photography

lots more kitties to come.....


a little cafe with pillows on the bench outside for relaxing, it's all about taking your time and enjoying food and the simple pleasures

 in the early mornings it's just you and the kitties

Just returned home from two weeks in Greece. It's been many years since I have been able to travel abroad and Greece has been #1 on my list for the last 20+ years. It was even more wonderful than I could have imagined. The light, the food, swimming in the Aegean, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. 
If you see someone twice they are lit up to see you again like you are old friends. That is something I do not experience living here in California where most people seems to just be going 90 miles an hour nowhere. 

I decided to do the first blog post in white images since the white was the first impression I had arriving at 6:30 am in a small whitewashed town.  Bright white everywhere overwhelming and so refreshing to the senses. Lots more images to come from my trip ;)