I'm Lupen Grainne, self taught photographer. living in the San Francisco Bay area. With my photography I enjoy creating the opportunity to linger on the often overlooked details in the world around us. I post process my work with textures and sometimes creating a dreamy almost painting like quality.


Plum Blossoms

....with heavy dew from the morning fog,
There are a few plum trees in my yard, they smell so beautifully in the afternoon sun



The Sweetest Days said...

I'm not sure that I've ever seen plum blossoms before but they certainly are lovely! Especially with the morning dew.

SuZeFashion said...

So lovely, can almost hear the calm of early morning, with the dew on the flowers!

Anya said...

So delicate and pretty!

federica said...

LOvely! F.

federica said...

So lOvely! F.

Felicity said...


That last capture in particular is glorious.

I'm SO looking forward to receiving the gift of your art in my inbox each time you post.

Happy day!

welovelinen said...

Lovely pictures! Well done