I'm Lupen Grainne, self taught photographer. living in the San Francisco Bay area. With my photography I enjoy creating the opportunity to linger on the often overlooked details in the world around us. I post process my work with textures and sometimes creating a dreamy almost painting like quality.


Amaryllis - Naked Ladies

One of the prettiest times of year in Sonoma County when the naked ladies are in bloom...


Pennyroyal flowers

The Pennyroyal is blooming,
fields and marshes are full of the flowers right now
such a wonderful minty fragrance they have too.


Lavender Harvest Season

My friend brought me some of the harvest from her one acre patch of Lavender , this is just a drop...
I bundled it up right away. With a little help from Marseille my cat of course !
Next will be sachets once it's dry.