Ready or not...

Spring is here...
the Magnolias are blooming everywhere here now, they are even starting to wilt from the heat,
they smell so divine...
the plum and cherry trees are flowering too . It was 81 degrees yesterday .
More flower pictures to come .. I wasn't ready for spring so soon
no complaints here, it's lovely !


  1. Oh, I so wish this were true where I live... Here in the north of Sweden we have another couple of months left of winter, but sometime in April I might be able to say the same thing that you do now :)

    Lovely photo btw!


  2. So pretty! You take amazing photos. I cannot wait to smell the sweet flowers off my plum trees! Inhale some of spring for me till it reaches me please!

    kathleen xx

  3. You've got to be kidding me! It is going to be snowing here for months to come...you are making me want to move to CA.

  4. Ah, what a wonderful reminder of what is to come. You've captured the blossoms in such a soft and feminine way - just lovely! enjoy the spring for the rest of us who have to wait.

  5. This is making me miss vancouver.. in spring the magnolias just explode everywhere

  6. Dear Lupen,
    The print I ordered came yesterday and I am so happy with it. I didn't know you had a blog until today, when I wrote about you in mine.
    I absolutely love your work. Thanks again.

  7. I think so to. It was 71 here (Maryland) today but the ground is still frozen solid. We are all so excited to start working outside in the soil again.


  8. I've just discovered your blog through another - just stunningly beautiful.. your images have such feel.

  9. Visiting you from the link Kate at "Country Girl" has on her site.
    Your images are Awesome!!