Falling into Winter

The wind and rain swept away a lot of the leaves last night,
So glad for a bright sunny morning everything sparkling and new.


So busy looking at rocks....

That I almost missed these surfers walking by

another lovely day at the beach !

I hope everyone has a wonderful week celebrating life,
So much to be thankful for every day !!


Autumn gold

............ I was just minding my own business
when I found myself on their straw hillsides,
citron and butter-colored,

and was happy, and why not?
Are not the difficult labors of our lives
full of dark hours?
And what has consciousness come to anyway, so far,

that is better than these light-filled bodies?
All day
on their airy backbones
they toss in the wind,

they bend as though it was natural and godly to bend,
they rise in a stiff sweetness,
in the pure peace of giving
one's gold away.

excerpt from 'Goldenrod'
by Mary Oliver



Maui Flowers

Just got back from Maui this week visiting friends and loved ones enjoying being away from the computer for 2 weeks.
I am starting to go through my pictures and have some favo
rites already... more to come :)


The Great Hand Car Regatta 2011

Another fun Hand Car Regatta gathering in Santa Rosa , never a dull moment, lots of really great live music too.

here's the pictures I took last year
if you want to see more :)