Garden harvest

all in a row

snippets of different harvests throughout the season

dragons tongue beans beets and radish

green tomatoes (Cherokee purples) and beets

acorn squash, winter squash and Asian cucumbers

strawberry leaves in the morning with dew on them

A few pictures from our garden this year .
We just ate the last fresh cucumber from the garden tonight with dinner, the nights are getting too cold to get any more. The green beans, collards and the Romanesco zucchini are still going though.

I was pretty random with most picture taking this summer ,
just had to get a few of the harvest shots throughout the season ,
too pretty to pass up.

1 comment:

  1. What lovely pictures and what great things you got to grow :)

    I'm very jealous, I just grew Toms and Parsley with a few strawberries but the raccoons eat most of them :)

    Have a lovely feast, T :)