Where I live

A few pictures of what it looks like here in Sonoma county where I live,
Lots of fields and oak trees , old barns , more fields and oak trees ,
and long beaches with hearty souls braving the cold water...

This last week here has been in the 90's , got up to 98 the other day .. not bad for mid October :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !


  1. Those are beautiful photos! Where you live looks wonderful!

  2. Thank you for sharing I missed my annual trip to Napa and Sonoma this year, so these help a lot, Cheers, T :)

  3. The textures, they're soooo wonderful. So wonderful in fact that it should fully excuse the obonxiously repeated 'o' in my 'so'. :)

  4. I have been to the Napa Valley many times and it IS gorgeous. You are so lucky! *Beautiful photos*