Water , sand and sky

We spent some time at the beach yesterday ( cold and windy as usual )
sweaters ,windbreakers and warm hats needed ......

Then drove back towards home , inland about 15 miles ,
and it was so hot and summery, we had a picnic in the park , back to tank tops and sunhats .
It's been so warm this week , in the upper 80's ... so nice
that summer is still lingering
If we want a taste of winter all we have to do is drive to the beach :)


  1. Beautiful pictures of the coast! I'm guessing you live in CA if you when you went inland it was that much warmer...Used to live in SF and that is exactly how it was. Thanks for the lovely photos. Hope you will visit my blog:

  2. oh, I'd love to be by the ocean! landlocked here...

  3. That third photograph that is of the water is just amazing.

  4. I miss the beaches around Melbourne when there are less people around and I get to sit down and stare at the sky while listening to the gentle seawave...