Hand Car Regatta - Santa Rosa 2010

On sunday went over to the the greatest steam-punk event of the year !

This is the 3rd year and each year it seems to triple in size.
I was using my 35mm 1.8 lens which I'm still getting used to but I'm pleased with how most of my pics turned out.
It was an interesting challenge to have the fixed lens , not rely so much on zoom like I usually do ,
more careful of my compositions.

Luckily at an event like this it was easy to approach people since everyone was so happy to have their picture taken .
This is an event not to be missed , mark your calendars for next year if you are in the bay area :)


  1. the pics look great. that seems like a fun event.

  2. OH! Oh my goodness, these pictures are wonderful. I SO want to attend this event!

  3. No! I can't believe I missed it! I just moved here and had no idea it existed. I'll certainly have to mark my calendar next year. Great photographs. I think you took the challenge of one lens very well.

  4. Love these pics... looks like a fun place to be ♥