Meet Marseille ♥

Our new cat 'Marseille' that we got from our local humane society , the name they gave her was 'Baby' since she was small compared to the other cats ,but she's far too smart for that name ... She is really the sweetest thing ever with so much personality. She is so talkative first thing in the morning , and playful and loves to be held and on someones lap anytime.

We named her 'Marseille' because after we had her home for a couple days we remembered she sort of looked like this picture of a cat I took a picture of in Marseilles France when we were there a couple years ago... and turns out she's like the exact cat ! here's the french version of our cat.
Marseilles looks just like this picture when we turn on the popcorn maker, it's pretty funny :)
We love her so much and are so happy we have her in our lives ♥


  1. Oh, she is just the cutest thing ever! Enjoy her!!!

  2. She is so cute. I love that name, too. :)


  3. she is so sweet... and i love the name marseille!


  4. She is so cute!
    I have 2 black cats and they give me so much joy!

  5. Hola! I found your gorgeous photographs on Etsy and decided to put them in my inspiration blog. Check it out! Gorgeous work!!! I am counting my pennies and saving (on a starving artist's budget) so I can buy one of your prints for my dull apartment.

  6. Hi,

    She's total opposite of my cat who likes to stay outside and does whatever she wants to.

    Best regards,


  7. Oh so precious!!! Her name is perfect.

  8. What a sweet cat...love her name too. She is all grown up by now:) as I just now found this post through the little thumbnails under each post. She looked so sweet I had to pop over here to get a better look.