Green Summer

Cool foggy mornings and not too hot in the day... keeping our summer green ... so pretty



Meet Marseille ♥

Our new cat 'Marseille' that we got from our local humane society , the name they gave her was 'Baby' since she was small compared to the other cats ,but she's far too smart for that name ... She is really the sweetest thing ever with so much personality. She is so talkative first thing in the morning , and playful and loves to be held and on someones lap anytime.

We named her 'Marseille' because after we had her home for a couple days we remembered she sort of looked like this picture of a cat I took a picture of in Marseilles France when we were there a couple years ago... and turns out she's like the exact cat ! here's the french version of our cat.
Marseilles looks just like this picture when we turn on the popcorn maker, it's pretty funny :)
We love her so much and are so happy we have her in our lives ♥


a little bit of San Fransisco...

Some pictures from our last visit to SF. Never a dull moment in this colorful city !!

I'm deep in house rearranging this week, feels good to change things up a bit.

Also we are going to the Humane society today to adopt a cat... which we are both so excited about ! We have moved a lot in the last 5 years and are feeling pretty settled here so it's a good time . I'll definitely post pics as soon as we get him or her home ... :)
hope everyone is having a great start to their week !


photo of the day

I'm still trying to figure out what to call this one ... :)
I like look at places like this list of colors
or here for some ideas for picture names sometimes.
I also love this site for plant names and their Latin names too

Anyone have any favorite ways or places to get creative names for your work ?