Easing in to summer

Easing in to Summer,
and with part of that I am making some changes that are a big change from what I have been doing lately in the online world anyway.
I have deleted my twitter account which had almost 900 followers. I deleted my Honeytree photography Facebook Fan page.
I do love my blog so it's staying put , and I hope to put more of my energy here .
I just need more time in my life for some more of the nurturing things I love like being outdoors, being in the garden, making art, taking photographs, and playing music.
I will also be removing some of the ads I have on a few different blogs since keeping up with them financially is not so easy right now..
So we'll see how it goes, I feel so much lighter and less psychic pull from the internet. it's great !

I also just started a Celebrate Summer Buy One Get One FREE Sale in my photography shop :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend !!


  1. Such a pretty picture! I know what you mean with the web overload... it can be so distracting!

  2. Good for you!!!
    I fear the pleasures of real life are passing us by as we spend {waste} more and more time staring at a computer screen in an effort to 'stay connected'.
    You are so wise to let it go and enjoy your freedom.

  3. I am love with your blog! Thanks for not deleting it!