Celebrating flowers

Every year I plant poppies, and usually the same variety just different shades of purple , this patch was alot darker than I thought they would be and they are so amazing ! They are so rich with purple . I'm so glad there is still tons of buds for more flowers it really brightens up the garden.
Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. One of the things I remember about planning our wedding was my husband kept saying that he wanted was tons of flowers , flowers everywhere , and live music , no d.j.
I love that about him .. and so we did, we had a live middle eastern band, and tons of flowers.
...also wanted to share this poem by Mary Oliver that my Auntie Rosie read at our wedding ...

Happiness by Mary Oliver
In the afternoon I watched
the she-bear; she was looking
for the secret bin of sweetness -
honey, that the bees store
in the trees’ soft caves.
Black block of gloom, she climbed down
tree after tree and shuffled on
through the woods. And then
she found it! The honey-house deep
as heartwood, and dipped into it
among the swarming bees - honey and comb
she lipped and tongued and scooped out
in her black nails, until

maybe she grew full, or sleepy, or maybe
a little drunk, and sticky
down the rugs of her arms,
and began to hum and sway.
I saw her let go of the branches,
I saw her lift her honeyed muzzle
into the leaves, and her thick arms,
as though she would fly -
an enormous bee
all sweetness and wings -
down into the meadows, the perfections
of honeysuckle and roses and clover -
to float and sleep in the sheer nets
swaying from flower to flower
day after shining day.


Thanks for letting me share a sentimental time :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !


  1. Happy anniversary! Your photos are so lovely & peaceful :)

  2. Love the poppies! One of my favorite flowers,
    I am really enjoying your blog!

  3. What a beautiful post, Happy Anniversary. Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Anni :)

    Those Poppies are gorgeous, beautiful photos :)

    Happy Weekend, T.

  5. Those poppies are so beautiful! I wish I was able to grow poppies (well, anything really - I'm a terrible gardener). What a lovely poem!