I've been a little busy lately , this weekend was so full, of wonderful things, and one of them was when we were at the May Madness Juggling festival In Santa Rosa
me juggling in the back there...

and being asked to help do a little performance at the juggling show. Me in the orange hard hat, and Russ the festival coordinator in blue.
We were explaining to our faithful volunteer, how juggling can be dangerous and one could get injured , , and then we proceeded to put on hard hats and juggle around her. got a good laugh from the crowd ..

That evening our Samba group played at a fun gathering.

Yesterday we tried to take a walk on the beach and the wind was SO strong it was crazy, but we found some amazing tide pools that I can't wait to go back to when it's not so windy .


  1. Lupen, thanks so much for saying, Yes! to juggling w/ me for the public show. I thought it went very well! It was great to see you and James. R

  2. Props on juggling. I would only cause a disaster if I tried, lol. I loooove the flower photos.

  3. I love tidal pools, the best is when they have tiny crabs sitting and eat the bits floating around in the water