Just wondering where this week went .............
hope everyone has a great weekend !


Light form the Heart

An impromptu experimental series I did recently .


Soul receives from soul that knowledge, therefore not by book

nor from tongue.

If knowledge of mysteries come after emptiness of mind, that is

illumination of heart.

~ Rumi ~



I've been a little busy lately , this weekend was so full, of wonderful things, and one of them was when we were at the May Madness Juggling festival In Santa Rosa
me juggling in the back there...

and being asked to help do a little performance at the juggling show. Me in the orange hard hat, and Russ the festival coordinator in blue.
We were explaining to our faithful volunteer, how juggling can be dangerous and one could get injured , , and then we proceeded to put on hard hats and juggle around her. got a good laugh from the crowd ..

That evening our Samba group played at a fun gathering.

Yesterday we tried to take a walk on the beach and the wind was SO strong it was crazy, but we found some amazing tide pools that I can't wait to go back to when it's not so windy .


Maples, Poppies, Dogwood

More spring beauties I found at some local gardens the other day ...

I Hope everyone is having a good start to the week :)


Seed Pod Collections

Little shiny acorns

Poppy pods from my garden last year

Acorn top with leaves

big textured acorns

not actually a seed pod but the calyx from a Persimmon.

eucalyptus pods on the branch

I have so many seed pods that I have collected along hikes and travels, this is just a few.
Since it was raining most of the day yesterday , I got into some spring cleaning , which then led me to photographing some of these seeds that are everywhere in the house . The overcast light through the window was perfect so I went with it. Seedpods and rocks seem to be the things I like to collect, I have a lot around on shelves , and also alot in boxes in the closet .... if I had them all out our house would look like a natural history museum or something .
I love them all dearly :) What kind of things do you collect ?

Any artists out there ??
The 'Wemoon' calendars is now accepting artwork for the 2012 publication.
you can download or print the application here .


Around the house

Some random moments with the camera around the house ...

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !!


Polaroid Week

In honor of Polaroid week I would like to share about this wonderful Polaroid camera that I won in a giveaway on Rachel B's Blog !!! . It arrived in the mail last week with all these lovely cards from Rachel of her beautiful photography and a Polaroid picture too :) .Thank you Rachel !!
I hope to be taking some new shots this week to add to the Polaroid week pool .


sunny days

It's time to break out the tank tops and summer skirts.This weekend was so hot and sunny and today it's supposed to get up to 80 degrees ! I'm not quite acclimated to the dry heat yet, but loving all the light. I've become very fond of my big sun hats recently :)