The start of another week... Hope everyone had a great weekend !

My husband James and I spent the weekend hauling compost and wheelbarrowing and shoveling it onto our garden. We made two trips, filling our little tiny old 1980 nissan from the Community compost that is all used clipping and yard waste from the county all made into gorgeous black rich goodness.
The fun part was last night, being able to put the tomatoes ... ( Cherokee purple , yellow brandy-wine , Burbank slicing , Oregon Spring ) , Armenian cucumber , onions and chives starts into the beds. I just planted out peas and beans the other day too :)

Sunday afternoon we managed to break away for an hour to go juggling with the regular meet up group in Santa Rosa .

Also there is only 4 more days left to my 'Buy One Get One Free' sale in my photography shop.
The sale has been going really well, Thank you to all my wonderful customers!!
So today I will be packaging up lots of orders :)

my new mini photo 'thank you' notes


  1. My husband and I have just ordered a load of mulch so we're going to be busy in our yard soon too. My husband keeps talking about planting some vegetables but we have so many other things to do first. :0)

  2. The beach photo is wonderful!
    I just spent couple of hours this morning at the beach with my daughter. Was freezing cold but so beautiful. Shame I didn't take any photos!

    You have a lovely blog!
    Happy to have found you!

  3. I absolutley adore your photography. It has such a quality of peace and stillness about it, which I havent felt anywhere else.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful photos and textures - you inspire me ! I need to brush up on photoshop and create some artworks with photos we have....glad to have found your blog.