:: Hula ::

A series of Hula photographs I took last weekend.........at the Aloha festival ♥
So many beautiful moments and music...............
I still have tons more but wanted to share, just finished these first few, I'm really enjoying getting creative with them :)
Hula touches a place in my heart..It always brings happy tears to my eyes
So grateful for the Halau sharing their beauty and dance .


the french veggie market

Photographs from an outdoor food and flower market in Provence France. I have been wanting to put these together in a set for a while. I took these pictures on our trip to France last year.
The markets are so inspiring how neatly they arrange everything , and let you know where the vegetables came from on the signs.

Each table was like a work of art with the freshest prettiest food we've ever seen.

Here I've gone and made them vintage looking and maybe a little less vibrant than they were in person but I like the feel of the photographs looking old. Are these veggies making you hungry yet ? we have piles of heirloom tomatoes from our garden,more than we can eat...so much abundance in the vegetable world right now :)